The Swedish agency that is changing the industry globally – WorkShop

WorkShop is one of the leading consumer experience agencies in Europe, helping brands to improve their precense on their marketplaces. This is done through three different business areas focusing on integrating digital marketing with physical consumer activations, creating and developing loyal communities for brands, and designing innovative store environments that engages the new generation of consumers.

WorkShops sees an increased demand for the combination of these services and are expanding globally with new and existing clients and the agency, which have resulted in a revised business ambition to become one of the leading agencies globally within 3 years.

As a result of the pandemic there has been a big change in consumer behaviors, which meant finding creative solutions to meet these new demands in both existing and new channels. “We have the past 1,5 years invested in developing new service solutions to be in the forefront of the industry. In some areas these new services are disrupting existing service models that have been around for a long time. To give you one example we have developed a digital solution to create brand loyalty among the store staff in an inspiring, effective and scalable way that has never been done before.”, Payman, CEO of WorkShop, says. The main reason why Swedish and Scandinavian companies are being successful abroad according to Payman, is because we are good at design, always prioritizing quality and in general we are very unpretentious and fun to work with.

Over the years the agency has won several global contracts, opened digital and creative hubs in both Paris and Stockholm and have been awarded for being one of the best managed companies in Sweden two years in a row. In addition to Workshop’s 300 employees, a team of creative talents are being assembled to create engaging content for more than 50 different markets around the world. At the same time the agency will build a stronger Nordic and Global account organization that can lead and develop clients. “As a company and culture, we are in the perfect phase. We have the structure and stability from many years of experience within the industry, while at the same time we are at a start-up phase culturally where we solve new problems daily and are moving forward at a very high pace. Based on our pipeline, within 18 months we will have employees in around 50 countries, while we are also growing in the Nordics which is our main market”, says Payman.

One of the biggest challenges when a company is growing at a high pace is maintaining the culture. It is easy to lose the sense of community when scaling up, which is something WorkShop is constantly working on by focusing on having an open and collaborative culture rather than competitive. Nils Spetz, Head of Brand Advocacy, has been working for WorkShop for 5 years now and says that the culture we have created at WorkShop is very unique for being a bigger company. “At WorkShop we are given a lot of freedom and responsibility in our daily work, but at the same it’s a very friendly and forgiving culture. It’s okay to fail, as long as you keep trying. That’s the only way to grow, both as individuals but also as a company”.

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