We can all do much better. And we will.

I had the privilege to participate in the most inspiring network: DIVERSIFY OR DIE. An initiative focusing on how we as leaders in the marketing & communication industry can (and will) use our ”power” to drive real change in regards to equality, diversity and inclusion.

Together with Roshanak Fatahian, Jessica Tan, Linda Woodford, Frida Asante, Kalitsa Calendralis, Raisa Räisänen, Johanna Herrmann, Rasmus Bjurström, Emma Hilding Liwergren and Mariana Sundin we´ll evolve as leaders, get new insights and knowledge, share experiences and views with the purpose to contribute to a society where everyone are treated equal and are given the same chances. At work and outside.

Jenny E Kaiser, CEO/VD at Åkestam Holst – The North Alliance

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