The Marketing & Creative team at Fogia invests in new talents

Fogia is an award-winning force to be reckoned on the international design and furniture production scene, always likely to surprise and innovate to break with traditional norms. Anna Beijmo, Marketing Director tells us that one of the key ingrediencies is the collaborate with a selection of designers from different countries and disciplines and produce most of our furniture in our own factory in Poland. Fogias vision is to offer the conscious design lover premium & sustainable products, that live for generations. They call it ”forever pieces”.

In parallel with the brand journey, their business has had a continuous growth worldwide. Fogias biggest markets are Sweden and Norway, but the brand is present in more than 30 markets.

“The business focus for the coming years is international expansion and growth within both target groups: private and contract customer.”

The Marketing & Creative team plays a very important role in the growth of Fogia’s business. It’s the team’s responsibility to create and maintain demand, relevance and engagement for our products. Anna is convinced that by growing the inhouse team, they can be faster and sharper in creating content and identifying opportunities to carry out the brand story worldwide, to build the brand and create maximum reach.

Fogia is a workplace with a positive, friendly, and open atmosphere. Anna explains the team member as a prestige-less and humble bunch of people.

WorkStudio is searching for a new talent for Fogia. We are looking for a PR & SoMe Manager to the Marketing & Creative team at Fogia. We believe that you are proactive and driven; a doer who wants to make a difference. Someone who wants to grow and develop by identifying and driving a clear roadmap. Someone who’s creative and flexible while keeping the eyes on the prize.

Anna has an extensive experience in leading marketing and branding in multifunctional teams, in local and a global roles and in different industries. My role in Fogia’s expansion journey is to ensure that we have the best strategies and plans in place, as well as team to implement these, to deliver on our ambitious targets, says Anna.

“I put a lot of trust and confidence in my colleagues and expect them to do their very best every day.”

I don’t believe in micro-management. I believe in empowering and mandate. This requires team members that embrace responsibility and focus on delivering solutions to problems and identify and act on opportunities. I believe that the best result can be achieved in an environment that encourages initiatives and offers room for learning by making mistakes. I’m all for honesty and communication and I aim to lead a team of people that feel safe enough to speak up and deliver constructive criticism. I also believe that energy and positivity is a pre-requisite of a good output and that it is the responsibility of all team members to contribute to this.

We are helping Fogia with the open position: PR & SOME MANAGER. Are you interested in this position, please contact

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